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​"If you stan Benét, their stan accounts need no explanation because you’re already following them. If you’re on their close friends, you already get the analysis and recaps. If you follow their main account you can see the tip of the iceberg. If you haven’t been keeping up, these songs will give you a bite of the Richmond singer/songwriters special bond with some of their interests, Glee and Killing Eve." - Abby Huston

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Benét is a Black trans non-binary artist who is based in Richmond, Virginia. Raised in a musically inclined family, Benét‘s ear for music is finely tuned. “My mom would always say ‘Don’t sing my part’” Benét says. “I had to come up with another line when singing together.” Being challenged vocally, Benét’s melodic writing formed an incredible sense of harmony out of necessity. Beyond clear vocal talent, Benét’s lyrics continue to pursue the audience long after the first play. After releasing their first single “Funny” produced by Cam Smith earlier this year, they are back and planning to put out more singles featuring friends and artists that they have met from connecting online.

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