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Hello (:


Music is my entire life and has been for most of it. I've been in many studios and have played with many groups both live and in sessions. I'm very lucky to have had the experiences that have taught me so much and I strive to use what I've learned to help other people voice their musical ideas effectively and creatively.

I am currently based in Richmond, VA

video taken at Gigantic Studios in NYC 2006



Cameron Smith

email me if you're interested in having me produce one of your tracks, performing, recording, or have any questions. I'm really interested in collaborations of most kinds and would be pleased to hear from anyone who may think I'd add to their project.

photo by Abby Huston in my Richmond home 2020


playlist of things I've worked on


If you subscribe to my email list I'll send you an email when I update this and when I put out music I've worked on! Maybe even some secret stuff I dunno!

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