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SINEfactory - 3 great plugin sets. Just gotta subscribe. Strings and Percussion are nice especially.

SPITFIRE LABS - Wide array of instruments. Very easy to use. Also can get the BBC Symphony Orchestra from this page

Klanghelm - 3 awesome mixing plugins. IVGI has been a favorite of mine for saturation for years

TAL - Champions of the Tal-Uno and vintage emulation. Scroll down to the free stuff. Tal-Chorus-LX and Tal-Reverb-4 are favs

VALHALLA - Scroll down for free stuff. So unique and awesome. Free stuff is awesome. I use Supermassive a lot.

MeldaProduction - Great Bundle. Great starter stuff, especially if your DAW doesn't come with a lot. Their MAutoPitch is great

Muteomatic - If you have the luxury of some sort of live room setup, this is necessary for talkback in the control room

If you subscribe to my email list I'll send you an email when I update this and when I put out music I've worked on! Maybe even some secret stuff I dunno!

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