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produced & written by Cameron Smith


okay - benét nutall (vocals)

fumes - emre kartari (drums)

take you home - grade solomon (drums)

right now - josef "nickname jos" kuhn (drums)

we were kids - josef "nickname jos" kuhn (drums)

how i feel - jacob grissom (co-produced / drums) jason garland (trombone)

headlights - jacob grissom (co-produced / drums)

so cool - jacob grissom (co-produced / drums)

album cover by Grade Solomon (@castlesystems)


Jet Noise has been a constant in my life. I lived near Oceana in Virginia Beach where "I <3 Jet Noise" is a very prevalent phrase/bumper sticker and now live in Henrico near Richmond International Airport. I wanted this album to emulate that sound and feeling of a cheerful disposition to something so impossibly un-ignorable. Acoustic Sounds accompanied by sample like drums recorded in various places and by various people or heavily effected acoustic instruments like guitars or pianos or saxophone to get that feeling of being on the beach or in a

backyard in Henrico reading or on your phone

while a plane flies overhead or motorcycles

speed by or people yell ect.

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