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PromiseAbby Huston
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Promise - Abby Huston

Release Date TBD

Written by Abby Huston

Produced by Cameron Smith (Not Kevin)

Mixed by Billy Pavone (Barrie, Wet)

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​Abby Huston is an interdisciplinary artist based in Richmond, VA. They began playing the Richmond circuit in when they were 19, debuting songs from what became the collaborative album "Rich,"  which featured different instrumentalists from their favorite local bands on each track. Since their first release in 2018, they have been honored to open for acts like SALES, Crumb, and Kate Bollinger. They are deeply pulled and moved by vocalists of all kinds, and as of 2020 has been an in-studio writer for some of their favorite vocalists working with producer Cam Smith, such as Benet, Sim, and Catie Lausten.