'Jet Noise' is one of my first attempts at an acoustic album under the moniker 'Not Kevin' and failed miserably - but I think for the right reasons. With direct inspiration and shameless imitation from groups like The Dirty Projectors and Oasis, I sought to showcase a major influence for me in acoustic music. With that sonic world in mind, I chose to write about 3 relationships and focused on those in reference to my life in Virginia Beach and how I used to listen to and sing songs like these on the beach, in friends homes, and by myself in my room. Acoustic guitar always made me think of love songs and 'wooing' I think that this is another motivation failed miserably through this project but I do think it is one of my most honest and personal projects yet.

Jet noise is the soundtrack to my life. Living near Oceana, an obscenely large naval base in Hampton Roads, and then moving a mile from an Airport in Richmond I cannot seem to get away from it. I blame this EP's angst on it entirely. - Cam